Chemistry & Chemistry Honors

Mrs. Cummings  


Course Description:

This course is designed to provide students knowledge of basic chemistry needed to take AP Chemistry and College Chemistry.

The following topics will be covered:

1. Introduction to Chemistry 

2.      Measurement

3.      Problem Solving

4.      Matter

5.      Energy

6.      Structure of the Atom

7.      Electron Configuration

8.      The Periodic Table

9.      Chemical Formulas

10. The Mathematics of Chemical Formulas

11. Chemical Equations

12. The Mathematics of Chemical Equations

13. Phases of Matter

14. The Gas Laws

15. Chemical Bonding

16. Solutions

17. Chemical Kinetics & Thermodynamics

18. Chemical Equilibrium

19. Acids, Bases and Salts

20. Acid-Base Reaction 1

21. Oxidation & Reduction


A.    A test will be given after each chapter. Make-up test will be given

for excused absence only. Make-up test days are Thursday and

B.    Friday. Make-up test must be done within a week after the students

comes back from an excused absence.

C.    Daily assignments will be checked everyday. Late work will not be

accepted except during excused absence.

D.    Laboratory reports will be due on the dates noted in the monthly

calendar syllabus. No late reports will be accepted.

Performance Evaluation and Grading Policy:

1. Each student is expected to:

A.    Attend class regularly and promptly.

B.    Bring necessary instructional supplies (daily homework folder, lab

folder during lab days, pencil, black or blue pens and scientific

calculator) to class.

C.    Turn in assignments on designated time.

D.    Let the instructor know of anticipated/legitimate absences to

warrant make-up work.

E.    Have their parent or legal guardian sign their monthly calendar

F.     syllabus weekly.

G.    Attend lunch tutorial sessions, if needed.

2. Grades will come from:

A.    Chapter Tests

B.    Homework

C.    Laboratory Experiments

D.    Chemistry Related current Events (Once every two weeks)

E.    2 Term Papers (1sd Quarter-Chemistry related; 4the Quarter-

Chemistry related career)

** F. Science Project (2Nd Quarter-Science Project proposal; 3rd

Quarter-Science Project final report and poster board)

**Only for Chemistry Honors.

Classroom Rules:

A.    Vulgar, obscene, and sarcastic comments will not be tolerated.

B.    No chewing gum in the classroom.

C.    Be considerate and respectful to the teacher and fellow peers.

D.    Follow all school and classroom rules.