Teacher:  Mrs. Virginia C. Mattson

Room  411



                Welcome to Biology I. This syllabus is an explanation of what you may expect, and what is expected of you in this course. You are responsible for reading and understanding, and following the guidelines set here.



       After successfully completing this course you will:

1.     Have a working knowledge of biology that relates to your everyday life.

2.     Be familiar with scientific terminology and methodology.

3.     Possess organization skills, self-discipline, and effective group communication.



1.     Grades are not given in this class, they are earned and recorded.  The more points you accumulate, the higher grade you will have.

2.     Grading is done on a point system.  You may determine your grade at any time by dividing the number of points you have earned by the number of points possible.

                                    For example:

                                           You have earned 375 points out of a possible 450.


                                            This is an 83 percent or a “B” grade.

3.     You will record your progress on a grade sheet on a weekly basis.  Parents, please monitor your child’s grade sheet as a progress report.

4.     You may earn extra points by answering difficult questions in class.  You will also lose points each time you break a class rule.



1.     Read board policy 411 and 330 on attendance in the student handbook. 

2.     Please leave all forms (admit slips, field trip, and attendance monitors) on my desk at the beginning of the period.  If you forget a form, do not come back and interrupt my class.



1.     Work missed because of an unexcused absence cannot be made up.

2.     Make up work must be completed in the same amount of time the student was absent upon the student’s return.

3.     It is the student’s responsibility to find out what work has been missed.  Make up work will be discussed before school, between classes, during break, and by appointment after school.  This policy also applies to extra credit.



1.     All records of this class must be kept in a three ring binder with the following sections:

a.             Notes

b.             Handouts

c.             Assignments

d.             Lab Reports

e.             Drawings and coloring plates



                If  a student insists on interfering with learning in the classroom, the name will go on the discipline record. Please remember that field trip privileges will be taken away for the quarter at level two and for the year at level three.



1.  Come to class on time with all the required materials.

2.  Follow directions the first time they are given.

3.  Have all assignments finished on time.

4.  Raise your hand wait to be recognized before speaking.

5.  stay in your assigned seat at all times.

6.  Pick up after yourself.  Lab equipments must be returned.  The teacher will                             

     dismiss you not the bell.

7.  No writing on charts, tables, and walls.  Do not vandalize any school property.

8.  Keep away from off limit areas within the classroom (teacher's desk and counter

     file cabinets and shelves.)

9.  Sleeping in class is not allowed.

10.Observe the following rules when taking a quiz, test or exam:

          a.  no talking

          b.  keep your eyes on your paper

          c.  cover your answers

11.No teasing, name calling, or swearing.

12.Corridor passes will not be issued unless it is an emergency.

13.Students are not allowed to eat or drink in class.  No gum or betel nut chewing.

14.No classroom disruption-talking out of turn, talking loud etc...

15.Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.



                When a student chooses not to follow these rules, all instances will be recorded and the student must sign his or her name on the form acknowledging these occurrences.

Any argument and willful disobedience will garner the student an immediate office referral.

                First Offense:   WARNING

                Second Offense:   LUNCH DETENTION

                Third Offense:   PHONE CALL TO PARENTS

                Fourth Offense:   REFERRAL TO OFFICE

Severe misbehavior such as fighting, threatening students and teachers, verbal abuse/vulgar language, stealing, cheating and defacing school property will result in the student being immediately sent to the office.



                Students who behave appropriately will be rewarded with the following: Praise, positive notes home, positive calls to parents, video movie, fieldtrips, class picnic, "no homework nights", receipt to miss a homework assignment, or a class raffle prize.



                This class will be presented using a variety of teaching methods such as lecture, laboratory experiments, handouts, field trips, movies, individual and group projects, oral reports and others.



1.  Read assigned chapters

2.  Participated in class activities and/or experiments

3.  Do assigned projects and research work

4.  Do oral presentations

5.  Turn in assignments on time

6.  Bring materials (book, papers, notebooks, pen etc...) everyday

7.  Have parents sign progress reports and other notes sent home by teacher.

8.  Be in best behavior at all times.

9.  Ask questions when in doubt.

10.Respect every one in the classroom at all times.



                Thank you parents for taking the time to read this syllabus.  I am sure you realize the importance of parental involvement in  your child's education.  I hope to hear from you from time to time to check your child's progress.  I am also looking forward to seeing you during the scheduled parent conferences.



                                                                               Mrs. V. Mattson