This WWW-based laboratory will utilize California State University's Virtual FlyLab.  Virtual FlyLab simulates the often tedious and logistically difficult breeding of Drosophila melagaster, the common fruit fly.

Virtual FlyLab allows you play the role of a research geneticist. It is an educational application for learning the principles of genetic inheritance. You design matings between female and male fruit flies carrying one or more genetic mutations. After selecting the mutations for the two parent flies and clicking the "Mate" button, you will be returned a document containing the images of the parent and offspring flies. Virtual FlyLab will apply the correct rules of genetic inheritance to these mutations to obtain the offspring. It is your job to determine these rules based on the "experimental" results.



Section A: Before doing this laboratory you should understand:

Section B: In this laboratory you will:

Virtual FlyLab provides no information regarding the nature of the genetic mutations; it is up to the student to discover them.  Virtual FlyLab may demonstrate any of the following genetic phenomena:



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