Advanced Placement Biology Laboratory

Laboratory Report Criteria


Lab "write-ups" are graded based on a 4-point rubric. A rubric is a breakdown of what levels of performance a student is expected to demonstrate in order to achieve a certain grade. Your papers will be graded using the rubric below, then converted to a percentage 

4 100
3 85
2 70
1 50


Rubric Level



The student demonstrates mastery of all of the fundamental concepts. Errors and omissions are minor. 13-14 of the criteria are met.


The student demonstrates a basic understanding of most of the fundamental concepts. Errors and omissions are significant, but not crucial. 10-13 of the criteria are met.


The student demonstrates basic understanding of some of the fundamental concepts. Errors and omissions are crucial. 8-12 of the criteria are met


The student demonstrates little or no understanding of the fundamental concepts.7 or less of the criteria are met.


  1. Terse summary of the entire paper
  2. Keywords are correctly identified 


  1. Contains a readily discernable observation, question and hypothesis
  2. Clear literature review of the concepts involved

Materials and Methods

  1. Data is properly collected
  2. Sequential summary of the of each step of the experiment
  3. Materials are correctly identified and enumerated


  1. Figures are properly used numbered and constructed
  2. Figures are clearly explained in keys and text
  3. Data expressed is authentic


  1. Interpretation of data is logical and clear
  2. Extraneous variables are identified and quantified
  3. Suggestions for future labs (modifications) are given and are helpful

Literature Cited

  1. Sources given are cited in the report, and those in the report are cited.
  2. Adherence to CBE style