Integers – In real life, is there really such a thing?

INTEGER – a whole number.

The only way the human mind can function is by generalizing.


Some of the greatest arguments for the Bible has been in numerology.

EX: For certain integers, there are mysterious properties.

PERFECT NUMBERS – it equals the sum of its divisors except itself.

(a) 6 Divisors: 1,2,3

(b) 28 Divisors: 1,2,4,7,14

God created the world in six days.

The cycle of the moon has some of God’s intervention. It takes almost 28 days (27 + a

fraction) for the moon to circle the earth.

The Ancients (i.e. Greeks) found out 4 perfect numbers:

(a) 6

(b) 28

(c) 496

(d) 8128

In the Middle Ages scholars said that numbers used to be in code. Some of the Old and New Testament contradict itself. Thus, these scholars believed that if you translate the letters into numbers, the facts will be more accurate.

"God saw circumcision as a way into Heaven???" Genesis #701

REVELATION: 2 beasts come out of the Earth. 600, plus 3 score, plus 6.

Romans worshiped the Sun God. Thus, they named the day SUN-Day (the Sabbath).

Culture evolves in the same way that organisms do. Adaptation is done to survive.

Steifel, a scholar, thought Nero was the guy with the Triple 6.  He spent his life trying to prove this. He also predicted the last day of the world in 1553. It didn’t happen, so they hanged him.


    1. 1+2+3+4…+17

The sum of the factorials of 1,2,3,4,and 5

The disciples of Jesus caught 153 fish, according to the Bible.

13 + 33 + 53

    1. Was friendly to 284 (Friendly numbers- numbers in which its divisors
    2. except itself add up to itself.)

In this case, you can believe 2 possibilities about people who created the Bible and its relationship with numbers:

    1. 153 fish were caught because it was a perfect number.
    2. The people of the Bible included the number to make it perfect.