Advanced Placement Biology Lecture

Course Information

        AP Biology Lecture Syllabus
        Lecture Grades: Quarter 1
        1999-2000 Lecture and Lab Weekly Schedule

Lecture Notes

Course Introduction

               College and the College Board
                  Critical Thinking Skills
                  Science Methodology
                  Experimental Design
                  Quantum Physics

I. Molecules and Cells

        A. Chemistry of Life
        Chemical Foundations for Cells
        Carbon Compounds in Cells
        B. Cells
        Cell Structure and Function
        Cell Division and Mitosis
        A Closer Look at Cell Membranes
        C. Cellular Energetics
        Ground Rules of Metabolism
        Energy Acquiring Pathways
        Energy Releasing Pathways

II. Heredity and Evolution

        A. Heredity
        Observable Patterns of Inheritance
        Chromosomes and Human Genetics
        B. Molecular Genetics
        DNA Structure and Function
        From DNA to Proteins
        Sources of Genetic Change
        Controls Over Genes
        Fragments of Genetic Material
        Recombinant DNA and Genetic Engineering
        C. Evolutionary Biology
        Evolution Education and the Law 
        Emergence of Evolutionary Thought 
        The Origin of Belief Systems 
        The Catholic Churches Position on Evolution 
        The Macroevolutionary Puzzle 
        Genetic Relationships of Micronesian Populations 
        The Marianas Islands 

III. Organisms and Populations 

        A. Diversity of Organisms
                   The Origin and Evolution of Life

      B. Structure and Function of Plants and Animals
                   Kingdom Monera
                          Pathogenic Gram Positive Cocci
                          Pathogenic Gram Positive and Negative Bacilli
                          The STD's  
                   Kingdom Protista
                          Pathogenic Protists
                   Kingdom Fungi
                  Kingdom Plantae
                  Kingdom Animalia
                           Phylum Porifera
                           Phylum Cnidaria
                           Phylum Platyhelminthes
                           Phylum Nematoda
                           Phylum Mollusca
                           Phylum Annelida
                           Phylum Arthropoda
                           Phylum Echinodermata
                           Phylum Chordata
                   Sensory Functions
                   The Neuron and Nervous Functions
                  Endocrine Functions
                   Protection,  Support and Movement
                  Reproduction and  Development 

        C. Ecology
                  An Evolutionary View of Behavior
                  Human Impact on the Biosphere

        Exam Review