Aguihan (Aguijan)

Goat Island

Location: 14.5N, 145.25E

Elevation: 157m (515 ft.)

Area 7 sq. km

Island type: steep cliffs to north

Once stocked with goat for food, the introduced species was removed as it began to defoliate the island. The 2.7 square mile island is surrounded by sheer, steep cliffs and is very difficult to approach by sea. For this reason, it is the location of the last of the ancient Chamorro resistance to the Spanish colonial rule in 1695. Remains of Japanese farms from the 1930's and war shelters from WWII can still be found littered with shells and bombs. Aguihan is presently uninhabited.

Natural threats: cyclones

Human impact: visited occasionally

Special Features:  feral goats and pigs; proposed as marine sanctuary

Species of conservation interest
        Acrocephalus luscinia rigor (Nightingale Reed Warbler)
        Ptilinopus roseicapilla (Marianas Fruit Dove) group endemic, Vulnerable (RDB).

Natural conservation status 1
Ecosystem richness 0
Species richness 1
Economic pressure 0
Human threat 0
Natural vulnerability 1
Practicality of conservation action 1
Reliability of data 1
Human Impact 0
Conservation Importance 9


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