Rota (Luta)

Location: 7.5N, 145.23E

Elevation: 495m (1,625 ft.)

Area: 85 sq. km

Island type:  high volcanic surrounded by raised coral terraces

The Treasure Island - is approximately 10.5 miles long and 3 miles wide with a 38.3-mile coastline encompassing an area of 32.8 square miles. The highest elevation is Mt. Manira at 1,625 feet. The principal community is Song song. Rota is primarily an agricultural community with a population of 3,509, (1995). Rota is one of 14 islands in the Northern Marianas archipelago that make up the United States Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. The island is 47 miles north of Guam; 63 miles south of Tinian and 73 miles south of Saipan.

Natural threats: cyclones

Human impact: pop. 1,104 (1973); market gardening

Ecosystems: rainforest on upper terraces with rare and endemic plants; grasslands and scrub on volcanic slopes; fringing reef.

Special Features: vegetation of considerable conservation interest; parts of fringing reef and submarine terrace proposed as marine sanctuary.

Endemism:  1 sp. bird.

Species of conservation interest:
        Serianthes nelsonii (Leguminosae) endemic to Rota and Guam, Endangered (RDB)
       Tabernaemontana rotensis, rare on Rota, one tree on Guam.
       Hernadia labyrinthica group endemic, rare.
        Boerlagiodendron sp., group endemic
       Heritiera longipetiolata (Sterculiaceae) group endemic, Endangered (RDB)
       Xylosoma nelsonii Rota and Guam
        Ptilinopus roseicapilla (Marianas Fruit Dove) group endemic, Guam, Rota, Tinian, Saipan, vulnerable (RDB), common                  locally (1977).
         Zosterops conspicillata rotensis (Rota Bridled White-eye) endemic subspecies, forest on Sabana plateau, Indeterminate                  (RDB)
        Corvus kubaryl (Marianas Crow) endemic to Rota and Guam, Endangered (RDB), less than 100 (1976)

Natural conservation status 0
Ecosystem richness 1
Species richness 2
Economic pressure 0
Human threat 1
Natural vulnerability 1
Practicality of conservation action 1
Reliability of data 2
Human Impact 2
Conservation Importance 17


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