Uracas (Farallon de Pajaros)

Location: 20.5N, 144.9E

Elevation: 360m (1,180 ft.)

Area 2 sq. km 2 sq. km

Island type: high volcanic cone

Farallon de Pajaros, also called Uracas, is a stratovolcano that forms an uninhabited island about 1.2 miles (2-km) in diameter. It has erupted at least 16 times since 1864, most recently in 1967. Most eruptions are explosive. About half of them produced lava flows. Some are on the submarine flanks of the volcano. Located 316 nautical miles north of Saipan and 1 square mile in area, the active volcano keeps its steep slopes smooth by frequent flows of lava and ash. The summit is crowned with white sulfur and at times, dense clouds of yellow smoke and fire issue from the crater. The southwest and west shores are precipitous and bare.

Natural threats: volcanic eruptions, cyclones

Human impact: uninhabited, seldom visited

Ecosystems: recent colonizers of fresh volcanic materials

Special features: active volcano, several recent eruptions including 1943; seabird rookery.


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