The Science Department

"Scientific Literacy for All Students"


Mr. P. Manibusan (Department Chair) : Anatomy and Physiology

Ms. M. Cummings:  ChemistryChemistry Honors

Ms. Delacruz:  General Science

Ms. K. Diniega:  General Science

Ms. C. Elane:  Physics, General Science

Mr. V. Kamiaz:  Horticulture 1

Mr. J. Mancuso : General Biology, A.P. Biology Lecture, A.P. Biology Lab

Ms. V, Matson:  General Biology, LOTE Science

Dr. M.L. Milligan:  General Science

Mr. D. Runyon:  Marine Biology, General Biology

Ms. M. Taitano:  Horticulture 1