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The following is a list of classes which I am able to teach you. If you find a class that you would like to take then please email me and let's get it done.  Put your mouse over the button to see comments about the class.

3-4 day class  Open Water                                 2 days 5 dives, CLick here for more info. Advanced Open Water

2nights, 2 days, Click here for more info Rescue Diver                                 varies with student Divemaster (Pro Course)

5 specialties Rescue MFA certified Master Scuba Diver                     minimum 5 days Assistant Instructor (Pro)

2 night class SDI CPR 1st.                               


Project AWARE Fish ID                      Project AWARE Coral Conservation

2 dives Boat Diver                                                      1 night class DAN O2 Provider

4 dives AOW certified Deep Diver                                                     3 dives Drift Diver

2 dives and classroom, CLICK HERE!!! Enriched Air Diver                                  3 dives Multi-level/computer

3 dives, CLICK HERE!!!! Night Diver                                                    2 dives Peak Performance Buoyancy

4 dives, AOW certified Search and Recovery                       2 dives Underwater Naturalist

3 dives Underwater Navigator                     2 dives Underwater Photographer

4 Dives, AOW certification Wreck Diver                                2 divesDiver Propulsion Vehicle

2 dives Blue Hole Diver (only in Guam!!)