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Welcome All!! Well I am now finally adding a page for my customers, students and friends to publish their own photos. Some of my "peoples" take some really killer shots, and now it's time to let them shine. I'll do my best to get this started. If you have a photo that you'd like me to post them email me and send it over. Click the link below.


Y. Okamoto 2005

Tony M. 2005

Wako 2005

Monte T.  2004

Palau Blue Corner. 2004Jellyfish Lake, Palau, 2004

Miki 2005

Spotted Eagle Rays, Saipan

Rick (Lick) Segal

nurse sharkhot chick with an octapusThe HammerheadJunior and love???, Crevice, Guam 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen!!! Here she is!!! The one, the only.......

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