Guam Public School System


Federal Programs Division



To provide support services to schools in program development, implementation, improvement and evaluation and to encourage responsive and innovative approaches to education.



Operating Principle

We believe programs are the heart of school improvement because it encompasses curriculum, training, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation.



Fiscal Year 05/06 Grants

The Guam Public School System consolidates 14 federal grants into a single grant entitled “Consolidated Grant to the Insular Areas” and administers the grant under the No Child Left Behind Act, Title V-A, Innovative Programs.  The total grant award for FY 05/06 is $20,868,872.


GPSS also administers the Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship Program. The total grant award for FY 05/06 is $60,000.


Total number of major programs: 22


Total number of positions supported with program funds: approximately 275 full-time, 581 part-time and 562 seasonal positions


Total number of public school students benefiting: approximately 31,000


Total number of private non-profit school students benefiting: approximately 2,000


Number of participating public schools: 37 (25 elementary schools, 7 middle schools, 4 high schools, 1 alternative school)


Number of participating private non-profit schools: 14 (4 PreK – Kindergarten schools, 7 Kindergarten – 8th grade schools, 3 high schools)



Division Services

The division oversees education improvement programs for public elementary and secondary schools.  


The division exercises administrative control of funds and programs.  Over 90% of funds flow directly to the schools and students.


We provide supplemental funds to schools to fulfill their school improvement plans and ideas. In times when local funds are barely enough to meet the schools' basic needs, principals turn to the Federal Programs Division for the resources that will enrich the quality of teaching and learning.


As part of the national education network, the division stays abreast with state of the art educational research and practice and keeps the school system up to date.


We guide principals and teachers through a structured process for planning, implementing and evaluating school improvement programs. This experience strengthens their management and leadership skills.


We procure the human and material resources essential for the district and schools to improve academic achievement or the quality of educational services.  


We provide training and professional development to district teachers, to raise the teaching power of the district.


The division also provides eligible private non-profit schools the opportunity to receive funds under Title V-A.


For detailed information on programs, and finances visit the DOE website at and click on Federal Programs on the side bar.



The Federal Programs Division can be contacted by phone: (671) 475-0470, fax: (671) 477-4587, and E-mail:


Updated on:  October 24, 2005

2005- 2006 Programs


1     Alternative School

2     Class Size Reduction

3     DEED

4     Direct Instruction

5     Effective Schools

6     Success for All

7     School Resource Officer

8     Eskeulan Puengi

9     GATE

10    Cooperative Education Services

11    Integrating Science and Allied Health 

12    Technology Education

13    High School Reform

14    LOTE

15    PFC Outreach

16    Private Non-Profit Schools

17    Recruitment & Retention

18    School/Student Improvement

19    Data Assessment for All Students

20    Student Information System Upgrade

21    Summer School

22    Robert C. Byrd Scholarship