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MIDXA founders and current officers. Front: John, WH2U, Treasurer, Jun, WH0AAV, Vice President. Rear: Jim, KH2D, President, Danny, KH2JU Secretary. November 1997.

The gang in Guam. Left, front to rear: Dave W1YRM, Bill NH6D, Dick KH2G, Tony NH2E. Right, front to rear: John WH2U, Gary K9AW, Dave N2NL, Kerry NH2A, Danny KH2JU. April 1998.

The gang in Saipan at a Sunday breakfast meeting. Left to right: KH0AC, WH0AAV, NH0E, WH0ABA, KH0GV's XYL, KH0GV, NH0D, and KH0CE. May 1998.


MIDXA BBQ at WH2U's Beach - April 11, 1998

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MIDXA trip to Tinian, May 17, 1998

When we visited Tinian, we went to the north end of the island and viewed an historic site that not too many people have probably seen. Tinian was the island from which the B-29 bombers were launched carrying the atomic bombs that were dropped on Japan during World War II. According to the plaques on the bomb loading pits, the airfield at Tinian was where 'the first atomic bomb ever used in combat was loaded'. Let us all pray that Tinian will be remembered also as the island where the last atomic bomb ever to be used in combat was loaded.

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Concrete bomb shelters located near the runways.

Bomb pit number 1, where the atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan was loaded. (Plaque on this monument is difficult to read).


Plaque on bomb pit number 2.

KH0CE and KH2D at bomb pit number 2. This is where the atomic bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki, Japan was loaded.

Plaque for the 504th Bomb Group, 313th Bomb Wing for their service on Tinian Island during 1945.

Flying Command Tower. Originally built by the Japanese, then captured and used by the Americans as a control tower for the field.

One of the runways on the north field used by the B-29's, viewed from the ground.

Runways on the north field of Tinian viewed from 727 leaving Saipan.

The commercial airport at the south end of the island of Tinian.


Not only did we visit the historical sites, but we had a little fun too.... 

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Marichu, WH0ABA, at the entrance to the newest casino in Tinian, the Tinian Dynasty Casino.

KH2D and his friend TICO - the newest addition to the KH0CE limousine fleet. KH2D just finished unpacking TICO from the box, and now it's on the way to the paint shop for lettering.

WH0AAV and his friend TOTO, on the way back to the casino.


MIDXA Field Day '99 at WH2U's Beach - June 27, 1999
It wasn't a very good weekend weather wise, but any
excuse to BBQ at the beach is better than no excuse
at all, so we did Field Day anyway.......

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Dave, N2NL, gets in some dry time. Not much DX, but no rain anyway.

The rain and early afternoon lack of stateside signals left plenty of time for KH2JU to prepare his famous Chef's Salad, BBQ fish, and explosion cut BBQ pork for lunch.

What do you do when it rains and the band is open ? Stick your head under the plastic and call CQ says KH2JU..... WH2U and NH2E look on and the dog under the table is the only one smart enough to get out of the rain.

Starting to get dark, but 20 meters was hoping, so WH2U does the computer logging while KH2JU works the pileup. Anybody know who K2D is ???