Welcome to the QSL Gallery. I have had a scrapbook of Guam QSL cards for some time, and now I am happy they are online where other hams can see them. On these pages you will find images of QSL cards from stations in the Mariana Islands - some old, some new, some different, some not so different. If you have in your collection a QSL card you received from a KH2 or KH0 land station that you think would look nice in our collection, please EMAIL me a full sized scanned image of the card and I will be happy to add it to this page. You can also mail the cards and I will scan them and mail them back to you. 73, Jim KH2D.  

We hope you enjoy seeing these QSL cards.

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OM2PI - From Guam in 1933 - sent to KG6JHC (now WH2U) by WA4JDH in 1978.

WA4JDH - Lt. Harris Winston, USN, operator of OM2PI 1933 to 1935.

Thanks to WH2U for the OM2PI and WA4JDH cards.

KG6CV - 1948 - Operator Thomas F. Rastatter - Naval Comm. Sta.

Note the two - 1 cent stamps and U.S. Navy postmark.


KG6DI - 1949 - Operator Clark W. Cox - Naval Air Station Hobby Shop

Note the - 1 cent stamp, U.S. Navy postmark and 2 cents due by post office.


KG6GH - 1950 - U.S. Coast Guard Guam - Ops Mike, KG6GW and Bill, KG6GR

KG6GU - 1950 - Operator 'Duff' Wilson


KG6FAE - 1962 Operator unknown from Andersen AFB

KG6JIH - 1978 - Operator Gerald Bogdanoff


KG6FA - Operator John Skeels

K6KII/KG6 - Naval Comm Sta. - Guam - Operator Cliff Moore


KG6JIU - 1978 - Operator Billy Gorsuch

KG6AB - 1978 - Operator John Driver (Now AH2D)

Thanks to Frank, W7ND for the KG6AAY card.

KG6AAY - 1971 - Coral Isle Amateur Radio Club Operator Dave, K1PKQ.

Club station at the Naval Comm Station. Active in the 60's and 70's.

Thanks to Ralph, KD4GW for the following cards.

KG6JIA - Ralph, now KD4GW.

KG6JKO - 1978
KG6JIP - 1977
KG6RL - Saipan

Thanks to Jack, W6QO for the KG6AIG card.

KG6AIG - 1967 - Operator Luis Garrido.


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